i made a replit site

written @school January 27th, 2023

hello, world!

i have been making a TON of stuff on replit cause i dont

really want to buy a server…

even though i have a linode i have not been using it for some reason


i got the github student pack
it comes with FREE no clickbait 2023 gone wrong no human verification Replit Hacker (along with two free domains, Microsoft Azure (i hate Microsoft), Intelij and… a lot of other stuff)

i guess its just the IDE and the like instant changes makes brain do brain happy stuff

here is some examples of stuff ive been making

Just Another Chat App


no swear filter

five people with the same username with

easy way to rename yourself




very buggy math

bad CSS

keyboard support (space can sometimes be 0)

and - a calculator-like appearance!

and said goodbye!,